The Reason That So Many Americans Are Migrating To Florida

Florida is known for a few things, but many are simply unaware of why so many Americans are choosing to pick up and move everything they can fit in a trailer to this state. The fact is that beyond common knowledge, Florida offers a lot that most other states simply don’t. If you have been considering making a move or are simply interested in why your friends have chosen Florida as their new home, this article is for you.

The most significant reason that most Americans have for moving their lives to this state is that they do not have an income tax. This seems to be especially true for those that are raising a family or are looking for a comfortable place to retire. Income taxes can greatly hamper a person or family’s net income. The fact that this state does not have any at all can leave a great deal more in the pockets of those that might struggle otherwise or are simply looking to live a higher quality of life.

In addition to there not being an income tax, the fact that housing options are extremely affordable is very attractive. Depending on where you are from, you may be able to find a home of the same size as you have now for half or even a third of the cost that you are used to. Reducing your living costs to such a degree leaves a lot more in your pocket to save for your retirement, children’s educations and reduces the drainage from your retirement fund. The reality is that there is no reason to pay more to live than you have to.

Finally, the weather in Florida is a very positive draw for those that decide to move there. Those that are from Northern states note that they have had their fill of months that consist of heavy snow, sub-zero temperatures and cloudy skies. Even in the northern regions of Florida it rarely dips below freezing and in the southern regions it mimics what most consider to be summer year round.

Florida is more than just beaches and tourist attractions. For this reason people are migrating there in great numbers. Whether it be to enjoy the lower cost of living or the pleasant weather, they have decided to make a huge change. If you have been considering a new home this may just be the place for you.