The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Florida

1 – The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Located in Orlando, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an amazing getaway for fans of the world famous fictitious wizard. There are a lot of rides, restaurants, shops, entertainment events, and intricate recreations of related architecture and props that you’ll likely be familiar with from the book series and corresponding movie adaptations alike. The great thing is that this is a fun enough attraction for family members and friends that aren’t as familiar with all of that to still enjoy themselves immensely.

2 – Universal Islands Of Adventure

Another of the big Orlando, FL attractions is the Universal Islands of Adventure. This isn’t the sort of place you want to go to without a lot of cash to spend, but that’s true of most parks of this nature. The best thing about this particular park is that it often updates, much more so than some others. You can make this an annual stop and likely see something new every single time. This is the main park that the Harry Potter attraction is part of, so you can easily hit everything over a several day periods.

3 – Discovery Cove

For those of you that want to experience some interesting sea life and tons of lush, gorgeous tropical scenery, Discovery Cove in Orlando is a must. From dolphins to stingrays and sharks, all of the most famous sea animals can be observed here, and there’s plenty more to do as well, making it far greater than your run of the mill aquarium style experience. You can swim with dolphins here, which is easily the sort of uplifting adventure that will stick with you forever. This is an easy choice for families that are sick of run of the mill theme parks and the like.

4 – Walt Disney World

And for those that aren’t, it doesn’t get much better than Walt Disney World. Also located around the Orlando area, Disney World is a group of parks all rolled into one. You can get park hopper passes and shift between them, or merely stay several days and spend each one in a particular corner. Between the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Epcot Center, there’s quite a lot to do here. It’s best to save up and stay on one of the resort’s hotels so you can come and go as you please, preferably within in a several days to a week long span.